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Best High PR SMM Sites List 2014

Dear webmasters,
Social Media marketing is very easy ways for your website or brand. If you do this and everyday post you sites article. You will get defiantly some instant traffic. Google update Panda, Penguin & Humming bird focused must be Social media activities and fan page for your website.   

Top high page rank Social Media Sites List 2014

http://pinterest.com/ - PR-8
https://www.facebook.com/ - PR-9
https://twitter.com/ - PR-10
http://www.linkedin.com/ - PR-9
http://www.myspace.com/ - PR-8
http://digg.com/ - PR-8
http://www.stumbleupon.com/ - PR-8
http://www.reddit.com/ - PR-8
http://www.yelp.com/ - PR-7
https://delicious.com/ - PR-8
http://technorati.com/ - PR-8
http://www.scribd.com/ - PR-8
http://techmeme.com/ - PR-7
http://www.kaboodle.com/ - PR-6
http://www.epinions.com/?sb=1 - PR-4
http://www.care2.com/ - PR-6
http://www.fark.com/ - Pr-7
http://www.hi5.com/ - PR-6
http://www.43things.com/ - PR-5
http://www.bebo.com/ - PR-6
http://www.dailystrength.org/ - PR-6
https://www.flickr.com/ - PR-9
http://www.friendster.com/ - PR-6
https://plus.google.com/ - PR-9
http://identi.ca/ - PR-8
https://www.ning.com/ - PR-7
http://www.plurk.com/top/ - PR-8
http://www.xing.com/ - PR-9

Switching to the new website verification API

Webmaster level: advanced

Just over a year ago we introduced a new API for website verification for Google services. In the spirit of keeping things simple and focusing our efforts, we've decided to deprecate the old verification API method on Match 31st, 2014. The rest of the API will remain unchanged, this only affects the verification method. For more information about verification in general, please see our site verification Help Center article.

One advantage of upgrading to the new API for verification is that it uses the same client libraries as most other Google APIs, which simplifies integration with other apps and tools. Getting started is easy, especially if you're used to other Google APIs:
  1. Download the Google API client library for your favorite programming language.
  2. Learn about the Site Verification API and its methods.
  3. Allow your users to authenticate with OAuth.
  4. Start verifying!

If you can't wait to try it out and are a fan of command lines, here's a shortcut:
  1. Download and install oacurl.
  2. Authenticate with a Google Account:
    $ java -cp oacurl-1.2.0.jar com.google.oacurl.Login \
      --scope https://www.googleapis.com/auth/siteverification
  3. Request the verification information:
    $ echo '{ "verificationMethod": "FILE", "site": {
     "identifier": "http://www.example.com",
     "type": "SITE" } }' | \
     java -cp oacurl-1.2.0.jar com.google.oacurl.Fetch \
     'https://www.googleapis.com/siteVerification/v1/token' \
     --content-type JSON -X=POST
  4. Create & add the file to your website, then verify:
    $ echo '{ "site": { "identifier": "http://www.example.com",
    "type": "SITE" } }' | \
    java -cp oacurl-1.2.0.jar com.google.oacurl.Fetch \
    'https://www.googleapis.com/siteVerification/v1/webResource?verificationMethod=FILE' \
    --content-type JSON -X=POST
  5. Done!

We hope this API will make it easier to implement Google site verification in your projects. Should you have any questions, feel free to comment here, or post in our Webmaster Help Forum.

A Christmas Poem
by HL Carpenter

Is it the lights on the tree?
The shy kid on Santa's knee?
Is it the wreath on the door?
The festive rugs on the floor?

Is it the smile in your heart?
The red macaroni art?
Is it hot cocoa and pie?
The shining stars in the sky?

It is whatever you think,
And is gone quick as a blink,
It will stay when you believe
'tis better to give than receive.

Wishing you joy, prosperity, an endless supply of good books, and a healthy, happy, and wonderful 2014.

HL Carpenter
The SkyHorse

May Christmas find you and yours gathered 'round the tree,
may you enjoy peace and love and time with family!

~Kadee McDonald
Marissa’s Choice

A Blessed and very Merry Christmas greeting to all! May your turkey be fat and pumpkin pie sweet.

CD Coffelt
Wilder Mage

I want to wish everyone happy holidays: Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, New Years, and Yule. May your hearts and lives overflow with peace and joy. I am the author of Neanderthal Protocol, a Musa thriller, and please remember even present-day Neanderthals celebrate holidays and love their families.

Charles Suddeth
Neanderthal Protocol

Here's wishing all of you a HEALTHY and HAPPY Christmas/Hanukkah season!

Donna Del Oro
Lies in Wait

Wishing you a sparkling and bright holiday, lots of joyful celebration, and plenty of cozy moments to cuddle on the couch with a good read!

Carrie Russell
Drowning Cactus

Wishing everyone a joyous and blessed holiday season!

~Terri Rowan
Cobalt Protocol

Happy Christmas! Candy, dancing, sun, joy.
And may all your surprises in 2014 be delightful.

Nicky Penttila
An Untitled Lady

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Holiday Juggling is Not a Circus Act

by J.F. Posthumus

The holidays are upon us; the level of daily activity triples or more, and you've still got story ideas, unresolved plots, and characters demanding more time on the page. How to get that writing done when so much more is demanding your time right now?

Well... how did you find the time to write for the last ten months?It's the same problem you've dealt with all that time.Sure, there are a few more balls to juggle, but if the story needs to be written, you will make the time. These days, in addition to the holidays, I'm now pregnant, due mid-summer.My energy is low most of the time, and I'm nowhere near as productive on any front as I usually am.

However, my husband and I still use my work lunch breaks to plot, define characters and backgrounds, and write.He supports me by doing extra work and not pressuring me to get things done (and goes after anyone who tries to).The writing has slowed to a trickle for now, but we have been very prolific this year, and a little time away isn't the end of the story telling.Besides, he has a lot of books to edit from this year's work.

So don't bust your own hump trying to get everything done.If this latest pregnancy has reminded me of anything, it's that sometimes you have to slow down and take care of what's right in front of you first, and taper off the rest until that's all done.Be a parent, a friend, a family member, a crazed holiday shopper, a lover, whatever else you need to be.You are a writer, and that won't change.The stories will come, and you will write them.

Happy holidays, everyone.Love and hugs.


Some deals are to die for…

Computers, especially printers are from Hell and Faith Wells would know. At her IT job Fi discovers her former boss dead and packed up ready for shipping. The detective on the case is, literally, an angel. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous. This presents a small problem for Fi, since her dad is the right-hand of Satan. Add in the killer targeting her next, and she's got a busy week ahead of her.

To read an excerpt from Deals with the Devil please click HERE.

J.F. Posthumus was that quiet kid that sat up front in class. You know; the one that had most of the answers that the teachers were looking for, but didn’t socialize very well.Living through those awkward school years, she poured herself into a love of computers, video games, world- building writing and putting her own creations through difficulties.J.F. later discovered graphic art, information technology, and how to actually mingle with others.She lives in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia with her co-writing husband, who makes her exotic foods and mixed drinks, and their three kids.

Learn more about J.F. Posthumus on her website.

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Musa Publishing is proud to announce An Untitled Lady, an Aurora Regency novel by talented author Nicky Penttila, is now available.

Please note - An Untitled Lady is not a traditional Regency,

Her birth betrayed her. Would he betray her too?

Shocking family news forces Madeline Wetherby to abandon her plans to marry an earl and settle for upstart Manchester merchant Nash Quinn. When she discovers that her birth father is one of the weavers her husband is putting out of work—and a radical leader—Maddie must decide which family she truly desires, the man of her heart or the people of her blood.

An earl's second son, Nash chose a life of Trade over Society. When protest marches spread across Lancashire, the pressure on him grows. If he can't make both workers and manufacturers see reason he stands to lose everything: his business, his town, and his marriage.

As Manchester simmers under the summer sun, the choices grow more stark for Maddie and Nash: Family or justice. Love or money. Life or death.

Manchester 1819

Nash first saw her as an apparition, a gilt London trinket set down by mistake at a dusty crossroads three miles north of town. A straw bonnet atop a traveling suit of thick French silk perched on the largest of those seven mismatched trunks he’d later had to find space for in his life. But on that odd, chill May afternoon, he’d needed to make room for them only in his wagon.

“Lost your carriage, miss?”

The green of her too-wide eyes seemed to drink him in, but the corner of her too-full lips puckered down. Did his coat not meet her standards? It was good Manchester cotton, but cut for comfort, not frills. Or was it his ill-behaved hair, far too curly for this humidity? He broke her gaze to check the skies. Rain, but a half-hour away yet. Served her right to get sodden through, if she looked so askance at a worthy mode of transport.

“The letter said the stage should drop me here, and someone from the castle would fetch me.” She looked up the track, the document clutched in her glove, hope drooping like her forlorn skirt.

That decided him. Fine-drawn females should not loiter in the fields alone, especially not in these times. “And here I am,” he said, casting a leg over the side of the wagon to climb down from its seat.

She stood, an alert little rabbit, mouth twitching. Slimmer than he thought, and chin height at the most. “But you come from town,” she said.

“Aye, and I’m not a fancy carriage, but I’m going the right direction. You’ve been waiting these five hours or more, if you took the daily coach. Shall I leave you, and trust someone else to divine your presence? Or do you dare take advantage of one of the few conveyances that can readily carry all this baggage?”

She rocked back on her heels and swung her arms up. He was sure she was going to slap them onto her hips, but the lady’s training caught her, and she hesitated, dropping her hands into the pose of a prim schoolteacher instead. First point to her, then. He could fight fair.

“How far to the castle?”

“Straight, not three miles. In or out?”

She released her hands with the same tiny gesture of surrender he’d seen French sailors use after he’d boarded their ship. Even score.

She gave him wide berth, but wasn’t above taking one handle of the largest box. Together, they hefted it into the wagon, pushing his cargo to either side. The paper wrap had torn on one of the bolts of cloth, showing a swath of dark blue. She reached for it, stroking, as if she couldn’t help it.

“Is this silk?”

“Frenchie trade. Like what you’re wearing.”

She snatched her hand away. “You sound as if you disapprove.”

“Bad bargain on my part.” Nearly a fatal one, for his fledgling trading company. “Mancunians prefer local-made silks. And they’ll look sidewise at the likes of you, too, half-mourning or no. Is that all that’s in here?” He slapped a palm on the nearest trunk.

“Everyone in Bath buys their fabrics from France. We’re not at war. And it’s better quality.”

“You’re behind the times, miss. Manchester matches their best, and beats it.”

“So says the man of sales.” She followed him to the front of the wagon and held her hand out for him to help her up to the bench. Then she saw the anger on his face, and put her hand on her chest instead.

He forced his mouth into a grimace of a smile and willed his tone to be light. “I may be a lowly man of business, sure, but I also serve for a magistrate for this town. And I was born to Shaftsbury.”

“Then it’s welcome home for you, as well.” She used the bench for a hand-hold, fortunately for him, as he was shocked to a standstill. He never called that bloody dungeon of a castle home. Why had he now? And what did she mean, “as well?” He didn’t know her, and she would be hard to forget. Before he’d gained his seat, she’d already changed the topic.

“You are fortunate the Quinns will take your silks, then.”

He tugged the reins a bit too hard, and his pair lurched into motion. Her shoulders swung back, her hands reaching past her hips to the wood of the seat to hold her steady. Served her right, her smelling like sunlight on grass, yet biting sharp as any asp.

A gently bred lady, with no companion, traveling to Shaftsbury. He knew of no poor relations, in Bath nor any place else. She didn’t appear a lightskirt, not with those trunks. Nor a servant, with those cultured accents and pretty manners. Now she sat as if on a church pew, hands folded, yet her feet were braced wide, one on the side of the board, the other against his foot.

“You’re the new housekeeper?”

She glanced at him, eyes narrowed, mouth cool. “Shaftsbury lacks one?” But she quickly looked down at her gloved hands, one still mauling that letter of hers. He felt a bumpkin, snapping at some lost girl merely because he could not snap at those who better deserved it.

“I’m sorry we haven’t been introduced. I’m Nash Quinn.”

She looked up at him, eyes wide. Cat’s eyes, he decided, and the lips, turning up into the first smile he’d seen all day, a blooded rose.

“I am so relieved. I mean, your face, your hands, your hair. Just like your father.” She stopped short, her smile falling away.

Nash concentrated with effort on the too-familiar track. He couldn’t look at her. She’d thought him born on the wrong side of the blanket? Well, why wouldn’t she? An earl’s son in trade? It might have been better if he were a bastard.

“You knew the old earl?”

“I am sorry for your loss. He was a good man.” Her mellow alto softened further, as if she believed it.

He might debate that, but for the moment he let it go. “How did you meet?”

“He was my godfather. My name is Madeline Wetherby.”

“The little lost Wetherby?” He’d heard vague tales whispered of a blond child spirited away in dark of night.

“I could as easily call you the little lost Quinn. Your fa—” She stopped herself.

“My father did.”

“I apologize for my rudeness.”

“You’d as well apologize for your dropped R’s and Southern speech. As well as your silks. You may have been born here, Miss Wetherby, but you don’t belong here.” Truly, on this cart, in this country, she looked as out of place as a dove at a cockfight.

Trying not to look at her and failing, he couldn’t help but see the glint of moisture at the corner of her eye. He was a cad, just as his brother Deacon, the new earl always said. “Don’t. You know you’ll need tannery skin to survive the castle.”

“Your father was the one who wrote to tell me to come today. But he isn’t here.”

“It’s him you’re mourning? Deacon will make you welcome, no doubt. He has to. This blasted affair, begging your pardon, it’s all for him. The grand summoning.”

“How many are invited?” She pretended to flick a dust speck from her eye. He felt his chest ease.

“Eight or ten, I believe. But it’s quality that counts. Well, nearly. The illustrious head of your house is expected, our Lord Wetherby.”

He couldn’t pretend not to hear her gasp, or see her shoulders hunch, as if warding off a blow. “Not a favorite, Miss Wetherby? Can’t say I like him, either. But he’s Deacon’s best beau, so fair warning.”

“Your own speech is an interesting combination of cant and King’s English.”

He snorted. “It’s not me you’re wanting to fight, little lost Wetherby.”

She pursed her lips. “My shining knight in dull loom-spun.”

All he could come up with was a repetition. “Save it for the castle.”

Point and match to the lady.


Nicky Penttila writes stories with adventure and love that include a little history. She enjoys developing stories set in faraway countries, because then she *must* travel there, you know, for research. Nicky lives in Maryland with her reading-mad husband and amazing rescue cat.

Learn more about Nicky Penttila on her website. Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter.

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Musa Publishing is elated to announce the release of The Rhesus Factor a speculative fiction novel by award-winning bestselling author Sonny Whitelaw.

While climate change unleashes swarms of superstorms, a pandemic threatens to tear civilization apart.

In 2020, marine engineer Kristin Baker is trying to keep Asian fishing cartels from plundering the marine resources of the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. But after meeting US Navy Commander Nicholas Page, Kristin discovers she is an unwitting pawn in the Exodus Project, a scheme devised by the Western world to protect its interests in the face of unstoppable climate change. But what neither know is that a stealth virus has quietly become a global pandemic; one that health authorities cannot stop. For this virus hasn't emerged from an African jungle or a remote Chinese province, it's come from within our own DNA.

The Rhesus Factor is a terrifyingly plausible glimpse into our future, for events not only could happen, they already are happening.

Cause and effect, and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Those principles are commonplace and indisputable. Perhaps the most frightening book of recent years, Whitelaw's thriller builds an all too plausible scenario of what might happen should our ecosphere decide to apply an equal and opposite reaction to our actions. Fast-paced and grounded in solid research, the book charts not only the breakdown of ecosystems in the wake of global warming, but the breakdown of society that will be an inescapable result. It is precisely in the devastating detail of the wreckage of everyday life that the book is at its most explosive. While Joe Voter may dismiss global warming as a theory that doesn't affect him, the very real prospect of losing home, livelihood, educational facilities and medical care is bound to strike a chord.

Nick brought one hand to his lips. Before Kristin could react, he grabbed her wrist and smashed her brand new phone against the basin with enough force to destroy it and send a jolt of pain up her arm.

She bit back a yelp, but the impact shocked her brain into gear: armed gunmen were attacking the restaurant. Nick was looking around at the walls and ceiling for what she presumed was a hiding place. Grabbing him by the arm, she pointed to the last cubicle against the wall. He dismissed it with an impatient look. But hiding in the cubicle was the last thing she intended. Rolling her eyes, she screwed up her face and mouthed, Trust me!

She could see the indecision on his face. Urging him to follow, she raced to the toilet, pulled the door half open, looked behind, and felt a surge of relief. The access panel to the cleaning closet was still there.

More shouts and gunfire, but further away this time. She looked back to see Nick just as she felt him push her into the cupboard. He tried to close the door on her, but she grabbed his jacket with both hands yanked him in after her—just as the restroom door slammed open. He grabbed the closet door behind him and pulled it closed.

It was pitch black inside the closet. Kristin held her breath, trying to contain her panic. Nick was pressed hard against her, silent and unmoving. Outside another short staccato burst told her what would happen if they were discovered.

More screams, more gunfire. Whoever was behind this, they weren’t taking hostages. There would be no negotiations. That meant they were probably terrorists intent on blowing up the restaurant, possibly the entire Sydney Tower. She shuddered and thought about what would happen to the people in the streets below. More than a million demonstrators had converged on the city protesting against their broken world. The Gulf Stream had failed, and a clandestine pandemic had stolen their futures. Now terrorists intended to make them victims of a war that knew no lines, except the ones through people’s lives.

Outside in the restroom, cubicle doors were banging open. She closed her eyes in the darkness, certain her heart was pounding so loud it would give them away. Another door banged open. She swallowed against her dry throat. Then she felt Nick’s hand reach up and around her neck, his thumb rubbing her chin. Another door banged open, closer. She tried to stop herself from jumping every time the toilet stall doors opened, but it was impossible. Nick just kept rubbing her neck and chin, trying to keep her calm.

The door to the last cubicle finally banged open, slamming against the broom closet door so hard that it opened a fraction. Nick’s thumb stopped moving and she felt him stiffen. The closet had been deliberately designed to be out of sight behind the stall door, but she couldn’t breath, didn’t even dare to think until she heard footsteps receding and the door to the restroom close.

Breathing out hard, she shuddered. In the tight confines of the broom closet, she could feel Nick pull something from inside of his coat. There was a soft metallic sound. He took her hand and wrapped her fingers around a gun. The weapon was warm from the heat of his body, but she froze when he whispered, ‘Do you know how use this?’

Her nerves were frayed, but if the terrorists intended to blow up the Tower, she and Nick were as good as dead anyway. ‘No,’ she replied, shaking her head. ‘Just a .22 to shoot rabbits.’

He adjusted her grip as he explained what to do. ‘Listen,’ he said when he’d finished, ‘you’ve kept you head but it’s not going to be pretty out there. Just stick to my six and do as I say without hesitating, and you’ll be okay. I promise.’ Then she felt his hand cup her cheek, and his mouth was over hers, hard and full of promise … or what might have been.

Without warning he stepped out of the cubicle and strode to the restroom exit. She followed, holding the heavy unfamiliar weapon in both hands. She was surprised at her steady grip as she aimed at the door; her finger held lightly against what Nick had warned was a hair trigger. He glanced back at her with an approving nod, and raised the wicked looking knife he’d been carrying when he’d burst in. She noticed for the first time that his knuckles were bloodied. He wasn’t escorting military equipment; he said he’d been surfing. So why had he come to the restaurant armed to the teeth?

She sucked in her lips, reminding herself that Commander Nicholas Page was more than a naval aviator. He was a SEAL who fixed classified problems.

And now he was depending on her to cover his back as he entered a restaurant full of terrorists.


She wanted to cry out that she couldn’t do this! But he’d already opened the door and slipped out into the restaurant. She took a few deep breaths, adjusted her grip on the weapon, and went after him.


Daredevil author Sonny Whitelaw wrote the bestselling novels Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

Learn more about Sonny on her website.

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The Download: Moto G Gets Android 4.4.2, KitKat, in Record Time! And more.

We don’t know about you, but over the past few weeks we’ve had visions of KitKats dancing in our heads. We’re excited to tell you we’re starting to roll out Android 4.4.2, KitKat—the very latest version—TODAY on Moto G!

What better way to kick off The Download—a regular feature that gives you the scoop on the many software updates we are rapidly cranking out. In addition to the roll out of KitKat on Moto G, our software team has been busy as elves in a workshop shipping new features for you.

Here’s the latest Download, issue 1:

Android KitKat Comes to Moto G- Our KitKat family is expanding! When we launched Moto G last month, we committed to delivering Android, KitKat, to devices by early 2014. We are thrilled to start delivering on that promise early. Starting today, we are rolling out Android 4.4.2 to Moto G phones bought on Motorola.com or Amazon.com in the U.S. KitKat will come to other Moto G carriers and regions soon as well. This latest version of Android brings some cool new features, including printing emails and photos from your phone. Read our release notes for detailed information.

This update continues our effort to get our users the latest Android software as fast as humanly possible. We began by pushing KitKat out to Moto X users on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, just weeks after Google announced the new OS—and our most recent expansion over the past few weeks includes Moto X on US Cellular and Sprint and DROID ULTRA, DROID MAXX, and DROID MINI. We also started to roll out the software in Brazil for retail devices. More carriers and regions will follow very soon.

For more information on KitKat and deployment on Motorola devices, check out our software upgrades page.

Enhanced Touchless Control - With our latest update to this feature, customers who use a device PIN to lock their phone can use Touchless Control without entering the PIN first. Don’t worry—no personal information is divulged without a PIN. And, you can also use your voice to enter your PIN. Go to the Google Play Store for more information.

Spreading Holiday Cheer - We’re getting into the holiday spirit! Turn your Moto X running KitKat off and on—and experience a little cheer with our new start-up animation. For those with a Moto G, download the Motorola Boot Services application from the Google Play Store to take part in the animated holiday tidings.

More Camera Goodness for Moto G and DROID - We’re taking the latest Camera features on Moto X on KitKat and making them available for Moto G, DROID MINI, DROID MAXX, and DROID ULTRA. This brings some enhancements photographers will love—such as Drag to Focus and Expose (manual exposure and focus with just a touch), locking exposure during Panoramic shots, and additional language support. Check out the Google Play Store for more information.

Improved Active Display - We’ve squashed some bugs! Active Display—battery-friendly notifications that fade in and out when the phone display is off—is now optimized for KitKat and works better than ever. It’s all part of our mission to listen to our users and iterate quickly. Go to the Google Play Store for more information.

More Kernel Sources! - Over the last few weeks, we released the Android 4.3, Jelly Bean kernel source for Moto G, and yesterday we released Android 4.4, KitKat kernel source for Moto X. Enjoy your custom ROMs!

The Download - Yeah, that is pretty recursive if you ask me. But our last big feature is a regular software blog which provides you with the latest on all the cool, shiny, new features and upgrades that are headed your way. Subscribe in the upper right column to stay up to date on the latest.

The last few months have been quite a wild ride. We are working hard to continually improve the experience on Motorola devices and look forward to hearing from you. Your feedback will be heard and acted on. Feel free to comment here or on our profiles on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

Posted by Punit Soni, Product Management