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Monday, April 6, 2009

E Marketing



Get To Know How? "Make You Just Follow Me Bumper To Bumper" Learn And Use These Unique techniques, Ideas And Cheap Tools. I Guarantee You'll Soon Be Getting Your Checks On Commission Coming.

Hi there! My name is Christopher. Today i am giving away free great report on how i have been fetching minimum of $3,500 every month from the internet, and later transfer and convert to physical cash to my GTbank account. I am thinking of making an ebook in the future out of my experience, that is when i will be very specific in my revelation of this topic of fact and include copy of some checks paid to me. But for now let me take you on tips of how to make money on the internet the easy way that will not get you frustrated. Once you master the techniques by repeating the process then you can increase the tempo of your online biz and your earnings too.

What i am trying to tell you in a nut shell, is what you can do easily to make money and how you can own your own product even without creating it yourself and make more money. I will first be making or using myself to give example.

The Table of Content Will Be As Follows:

I Make Money With Affiliate Programs

*I Work On One Niche Market At A Time

*Promotion And Or Advertising, The Bead Rock Of Your Success Online.

*But You Don't Need To Go With The Croud

*Owning Your Own Product

*Creating Your Own Product

I Make Money Through Affiliate program.
One great means that gives me money on the internet is the affiliate program. Affiliate program in its simplest form of definition is owning a link a shop (website, blog etc) or link to another website or blog and selling a product indirectly for another company or merchant for commission, which is in accordance to agreement with the merchant.

When you register to work as a marketer or promoter for a merchant, you are given your own portfolio which contains your own unique link to the website of your partner merchant site or given a complete website of your own in some cases this comes to you free without having to pay for anything while you immediately start selling or promoting your partner products, services or information.

There are many better ones. I say better ones because many others are regarded as scam, in the sense that they will not reveal some secret in the program to you, but will only write out juicy adverts telling you that their program is as easy as ABC, while their main aim or offer is mainly to draw people to their program and soon as you join you find out some hidden agenda in the program that will not interest you or pay you little or no commission at the end of your hard work and commitment in promoting the program.

Some others only want your email in other to sell out and make profit for themselves only. And because of all this scam affiliate program, it is advisable to look out for better affiliate program that you can earn better. Another better thing to look out for before joining an affiliate is those ones that pay high commission, no body wants to spend time and money promoting a program and at the end get pie-nuts for commission. It will be doing a wrong business that will leed to frustration.

Other important thing to look out before searching for the program is to evaluate yourself, target an audience and evaluate the market. You will know how just keep reading.

I Work On One Niche Market At A Time.
One of my online mentors taught me that it is wrong and frustrating to enroll and start working in every niche market at thesame time. And that is another important lesson to learn when doing internet business. There are so much juicy opportunities on the internet, the market is so wide and if you try jumping into all the offer that comes into your inbox, banner or ads you see on search engines and websites simply because of the juicy offers, you will end up doing nothing and making no money. And before you know it, you'll soon get frustrated and might leave the market because you will think its not possible to make money on the internet.

However, it is also no doubt and very important to have mutiple stream of income if you must make enough money to survive on the internet. How to do this to first choose one niche market at a time, work on it master the techniques used and repeat it time and time again even if you are not making enough money yet as expected but become a proffessional or guru on that particular niche before you move to another niche market.

When choosing a niche ensure it is something you personally enjoy doing or talk about if possible let it be something that forms part of your life, the reason is because you can only make good money in something you have passion and love doing not just doing business because of the money otherwise at the long run it will get borring and soon frustrating.

I personally run and promote effectively about 18 affiliate programs and other different niche market,which includes domain hosting. I carefully research and keep researching to find out which market is leading and which is emerging newly and concentrate on top affiliate programs leaving others to continue on their own while i check on them on weekly basis. Below is a few leading affiliate that any one can enjoy doing and earn money too.

Herbal Health Market

If you do a research on this niche market, you will discover that herbal products is selling like fire around the globe. Due to the economic problem, many people are cutting down cost, people are taking time in spending, and are now looking for cheaper product. Herbal products are very cheap compared to the main health drugs and also have no side effect. And so many people globaly have turned to herbal products as a means of staying healthy and cutting down their expenses.

I did not just choose to join any herbal program, but this particular herbal health affiliate program, offer a lot of benefit and easy to use. You get a website if you want for a little to no cost, with nice template and they help you process your customers order that comes from your website or link while all you do is earn the cash on commission. It offers sufisticated tools and tutorals for promotion, with a wide variety of area of any choice that you can choose from. Over 50 categories ranging from.... general health...womens health or beauty products...mens health and beauty products...colon health products...skin care products...weight lost products...others are cosmetics...ebooks...pets health...sport nutrition and lots and lots more... with high commission rate. They also offer affiliate assistance to complete newbie that means if you are new on affiliate marketing they help build and control your website for you with a little fee.


Another very good and lucrative one is the CrocMint Affiliate program - This is another great affiliate i love promoting, it is selling of body and health care products all from herbal extract, and it pays good commission, you get paid both for sales of products and for referring other affiliate to join. It has a tracker for every order place through your link and sales. A very good niche market to choose from.

If you desire to join this program just click the link or banner on your right. For more details and few research on this niche market, visit the following blog; http://login2beauty.blogspot.com/


Another great affiliate program i'm in and promote is SFI. I promote this program because it has lots of benefits in different areas that you can choose from. And it has a second tier affiliate payment whereby you get paid from activities of those that join through you and if you jump to executive affiliate you get paid also for activities of your downline, i mean those that join below you every month.

Promotion And Advertising, The Bead Rock Of Your Success Online.
It sometimes might be difficult at first especially to those of you who does not have a good offline means of getting money enough for a start of online business. promoting or advertising is the bead rock on your success online. It determines your gains and how far you can go online. You do it wrongly or not enough you either do not make enough money or not all.

There are few ways to promote your program effectively with no cost. It is an easy way that i started with and I still make use of it to promote these affiliate program and other online business that i do.

I have been there before when i will wonder about on how to raise money to do advertising on search engines like google.com via adwords and other medium of promotion and advertising to start driving visitors to my site and convert sales through my links to enable me earn. Soon i started to use the little money i am able to raise to buy books and do lots of reading and research until i started discovering the secrets of many online marketers.

Ezine Promotion;

The best way to survive on the internet is working smart not working too hard. I don't waste my time pasting free for all links and posting banners and classified ads here and there and everywhere, No! Thats too much of hard work. What i do is figure out which ads in which ezine gives me a predictable profit. Then once i find the ezine that guarantees me my desired result, i simply rotate my products or program one after the other on weekly base. Note you must look for quality ezine that guarantee that people will read them. It is guarantee to be read because people actually pay to receive them, so let it be of good quality. You see if you place an ad of your affiliate products that is apealing to the ezine reader, then sales is guarantee because you are getting your offer in front of interested audience who have actually paid to read something about your niche. It is advisable to have mutiple products on that particular niche to rotate weekly so that the ezine reader knows that he or she have mutiple choice of the same category to choose and buy from you. You can place one product on many ezine but once you catch a good and winning ezine, it is quicker and easy sales to place mutiple products week after week on that particular ezine. I do this and also build up good relationship with the author and end up getting discount.

Here are few Ezine websites that i use, you can join and use them too its free to join:







Alway endevour to place quality products because you are placing your products in front of quality prospect if they can pay money just to read about products related to your area then when they find a good and quality product they will definitely buy.

When placing my affiliate products ad per week, i rotate the different programs that comes with different prices. I run a program that pays me $65 per sale, i run it within the week and lots of time i am guaranteed of 10 sales that week amounting to $650 check that month, i place another product this time with lower price, there is one that pays me 25 per sale and so if i could get another 10 which is guarantee then thats another $250 check on another affiliate program and then another which might be referral i have one that pays $5 per referral. Reason is because it is best to rotate the prices on programs to those prospect that read your ad, some will buy the product for $65 other sees it as too much to pay for that product and when next the price of another is lower and coming from you they might decide to buy. Ok thats enough explanation until i turn it to an ebook for more clarification.

For more insight on ezine article and how to do it, visit http://mycheapsales.blogspot.com/ when you get there, scroll down or check on the right side of the page, you will see "Blog Achive" Then Find And Click on "Web Site and Ezine Promotion Made Easy!" order it, give yourself time to read and practice it (reading and research does to business exactly what exercise does to the body)

Another great means of promoting your product for sales is advertising on search engines like Google, Yahoo Miva etc. Advertising through search engines, puts you and your product in front and in competition with the top marketers. Though this can become a big problem for you just as it is for so many marketers who do not understand some things.

This is what i mean? Many marketers believe only in google adwords. This is advertsing through google search engine and it is one or the most effective way of advertising but also the most expensive.

But you don't need to go with the croud:

When tons of people decide not to walk on other roads but rush together on one particular road, it makes the road too busy and movement slow while it also leaves the other roads free and calm for effective movement for the few of those who decide to ply on the uncrouded road.

A bit confussing, ok let me explain further! what use is it advertsing on the best search engine that in turn place you or your product ads along and in competition with 100 Million merchant site like yours offering the same product to about 50 to 100 Million prospects or buyers. Compare such result with when you deciding to place your ads along 15 Million merchant in front of 30 million prospect or buyers, and at a cheaper advert rate. I leave you to decide on the result but first you can make the research.

Many people choose to advertise on google, yes it is in no doubt about the best, but it leaves other millions of prospects or buyers that are making use of other search engines hungry in their search for products or information, which many have on google only, and so if you discover this and decide not to go with the crouded google but choose another search engine for your PPC and promotions, you will definitely see same or better result as others. I use miva and yahoo search engine for my advertising, though i have a google adword account but i use it less often.

Forums And Network Marketing:

Forums And Network Marketing: are another great and exciting means of advertsing yourself and your products or services and prgram. The main purpose of a network marketing forum is to connect with people who have common interests. Through a network marketing forum, you would be able to reach out to people, talk about yourself and the product or service you are promoting. You will form bonds that would not have been possible without the forum.

By joining a network marketing forum, you would be able to actually get the boost you need to start your own network in your website or blog. That way people who are in the forum and in need of what you are promoting or selling can get interested in buying through you.

Just as i said earlier, it is advertising and promotion that brings in sales and enable you earn online. For more details on advertising And promotion
Click Here

Next time i will discuss how you can own a product or products without really creating them. Thats where the big guys make their millions. But for now get started because acting on information is where the real learning starts.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Welcome back!
Lesson 1: Basic web concepts -


Getting your web site 'live' on the Web
With the nerd background details under our belts, we can now learn about the two steps to going live on the Web:

Register your domain.
Rent some server space.

Registering your domain
There are many companies out there that allow you to register the domain name for your web site. Prices vary, as does the quality of service, but at the end of the day, they all handle the details of getting your domain name listed in the giant address book I spoke about earlier.
These days, you will find that many of the names you may be interested in registering are already taken. As I mentioned above, domain names have to be unique and many have been slurped up.

1 What is the difference between .com, .net, .org, etc.?
Practically speaking, there is really no difference these days. Search engines don't discriminate between a .COM address and a .NET address. The only thing you might consider is that people tend to type in .COM automatically since it was the first publicly known domain extension. So when registering a domain name, I would go for the .COM first and if it was taken, I would then try for any of the others. (.net, .org, .tv, etc. ...)

You probably guessed; a .COM address is not the same domain name of the same name with a different extension. So for example:
http://www.killersites.com/is not the same place as http://www.how-to-build-websites.com/lessonOne_part2.php#
As such, each of the addresses can be registered separately.

2. Renting server space to 'host' your web site
You need to rent space on a server so that it can serve your web site to the World Wide Web; this is often called 'hosting'. Companies that provide this service are often called 'host' or hosting companies.
After you've registered your domain, all you need to do is contact a hosting company and tell them your domain name. They will be able to guide you through the process and you should be live on the web in no time - typically within a week or less.

A cheaper option
Some people may not want to buy a domain or pay for hosting because they only have a personal web site for fun or practice. You can still get your website live on the web by using a free hosting service that allows you to create what is called a 'sub-domain'. A sub-domain is just a domain that is part of another domain. So if killersites.com offered sub-domain hosting you could have an address like:


Or it could be like:


Whichever way the free hosting service decides to do it. The point is that your web site domain is really a part of the parent domain, in this case killersites.com. Doing it this way, you don't need to buy a domain name, and you don't need to pay for hosting.

This is fine for fun or project websites, but if you are serious about your web site (say it's your business website) using sub-domains is like taking someone else's business card and writing your name on it! You figure it out ...
One last point, I've heard of free hosting services that will allow you to host proper domains with them for free and without annoying ads that other free hosts will insert into your pages. But I've never used them, and in my opinion you always get what you pay for. In the internet's recent past there was once a crop of free service providers that would give away access to the web via dial-up, they were notorious for bad service and all have since gone bankrupt ... I wonder why?

Components of a great web site ;
So you've finally decided it's time to create your own Web Site. After all, your friends and business associates have one and you don't want to be left behind on the Information Super Highway.

Great Web Sites all have a few common elements about them, and that's what we'll be discussing here. It's usually a good idea to plan the site out on paper before even touching your PC. It can be difficult to come up with content staring at a blank computer screen, so get out an old fashioned pen and paper and let those creative juices flow. You want to be sure to include all there is to know about your products and/or services.

Once you decide on the main topics you'll be using it's time to plan out the navigation. You need to make it simple and easy for visitors to find their way around your site, otherwise they'll get frustrated and leave. Keep the navigation consistent on all pages so your guests don't have to relearn the menus from page to page. Graphic links are usually more effective than plain text, but make sure you use something readable and easy on the eyes.

Make sure the color of the hyperlinks coordinate with the rest of your site. You should include your contact information at the bottom of every page, at the very least an email address. Businesses should include phone,fax, and company name as well. Not everyone enters a site through the front door and if you fail to include this information, they won't know where they are or how to get in touch with you with comments and/or suggestions. If you surf the Net for any length of time, you'll be amazed at just how many sites fail to include this vital information.
Including a Feedback form is a good way to add some interactivity and makes it easy for people to ask questions without having to pick up the phone.

Graphics make a site visually appealing but, if you use the wrong ones it can leave a bad impression. Make sure to use an unbusy background so the text can be read easily. Surfers are an impatient bunch so make sure the graphics are compressed as much as possible so they download quickly.

If your site is large you might want to include a search mechanism to help visitors find what they are looking for. The more information you include the harder it gets for visitors to find exactly what they want. A search form makes this simple. HTML editors like MS Front Page makes it easy to insert search tools into your site and automatically update itself when new pages are added.

Having a Web Site means making constant updates. People want to that the information they are reading is fresh and new. That being said you should include the last date the page was updated on all of the pages in your site. This lets the public know when changes were last made or you can include a "what's new" page that is specifically used for this purpose.

Adding a page of related links is another great idea. You can contact other site owners and ask to exchange links or just add other sites that you like that compliment yours. By asking to exchange links you help generate traffic for each other's sites. The best sites on the Net usually offer links to related Web Sites where more information can be found on the same topic. If you can write up a brief description next to each link all the better. If you do include a link page check it from time to time to get rid of any dead links. It's very annoying to click on a link and get an error.
If you take all of these tips and implement them on your Web Site, you'll have an interesting, well-designed site that people will want to return to again and again. Anyone can get on the Information Super Highway, it's up to you what kind of car you want to be seen in.

Design Essentials: 1. Planning
Invest some time in planning your Web site and it will pay off. A well-planned Web site will serve your customers better and help you achieve your business goals.

Try the following exercise: First, prepare a mission statement. A sentence or two should be plenty. Try to summarize exactly what you are trying to accomplish with the site. Once you've done that, the rest of the planning simply becomes a means towards arriving at your mission statement. If you begin to lose sight of your mission statement, write it on the top of all your outlines, or use it as the title of your template pages.

Now sit down with a notepad and a pen. Lay out a site map in a flow chart style. This chart should show all the pages you intend to create for your Web site and how they fit together. Once you have your site map drawn, outline your homepage on paper. Draw your tables and the names of the pages linked from the homepage.

Sketch your graphics out and position them. Note where you want to place scripts or animations. Even if you aren't the world's greatest artist or your handwriting is tough to decipher, you're on your way to painting that picture in your head.

Now, outline each individual page you link to from your homepage. As you begin each page, ask yourself the purpose of the page. Sometimes you'll find there is little purpose in a page and delete it from the site map.

That's fine; it's best to find your flaws before you're too deep into the project. Your vision will probably change to some degree during the creation process, forcing you to edit the map or redesign some of the pages. When that happens, get the same notepad out, and modify from there. Laying out a site on paper is faster than laying it out in code.

Design Essentials: 2. Design
Your site should have a similar theme throughout its entire design, so if you decide to enhance your homepage by changing colors or graphics, remember that you'll want to carry over the theme to your subsequent pages to give your site a unified feel.

If you are not design-savvy or artistically inclined, consider enlisting outside help with the artistic elements of your Web site. Paying for graphics or hiring a professional designer is worth the investment if your goal is a Web site that you'll use as a serious business tool.

First, figure out what color scheme you want. Establish what colors represent you the best. Usually two colors are enough. You don't want your colors to be too subtle, nor do you want them to be too vibrant.

Now sketch out your graphics/buttons. Try to keep the colors down. Lots of colors are not only distracting, they are also larger files. Keep your graphics clear and easy to decipher. If you plan to have any effects, such as rollovers, try to do it as subtly as possible.

Before you create graphics, lay out the site out without graphics. Use tables and table backgrounds to illustrate the color of the site. Create a rough draft of your home page. Show your draft to other members of the team or friends, and listen to their opinions. Sometimes the best feedback can come from people who aren't Web-savvy.

If you aren't satisfied with the draft, create another one and repeat the same process. Create as many as it takes and don't work on anything else until you've settled on a final layout.

Once you're satisfied with your layout, create the graphics and plug them in. You may find that what you had initially planned doesn't work with the final layout. That's okay. It's inevitable that adjustments will be made during the creative process.

Design Essentials: 3. Speed
If your Web site is slow, customers will leave before the graphics load. Sometimes when users encounter a graphics-intensive site, they search for an alternative while that page is loading. Your customers will do the same. Optimize your Web site's graphics and code so that it loads quickly. T

ry using Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Image Ready or Photoshop to optimize your graphics. Make the size of your graphic files as small as possible without compromising too much on image quality.

Optimize your code. There are several utilities that will eliminate extra data from HTML files to make a page smaller in size. Use them on every page on your site. Try iWebTool.com's Optimizer <http://www.iwebtool.com/html_optimizer> or search for "HTML optimizer" to find other similar tools.

Reuse graphics. Avoid creating extra graphics when you can use an existing one. A different graphic might make the site look nicer, but the existing graphic will have loaded and be in the visitor's cache. Your pages will load faster if a visitor's browser only has to download the new HTML.

Design Essentials: 4. Organization
Your site has to be organized. Keep your directory structure clean. Remember the flow chart you created in the planning phase? Each branch of that chart deserves its own directory. Create a directory for images, and create directories for every other section of your site.

If you leave everything in one or two folders, maintaining it will be an absolute nightmare. The more you update, the less organized it becomes. Finally, you'll get to the point where it takes longer to navigate the server than it does to create the updates themselves.

If you move pages around a lot, try to use absolute URLs (http://www.yoursite.com/file.html)
instead of relative URLs (/file.html) for your graphics and links. It's easier to work with absolute URLs than to fix 50 broken links every time you move a page.

Design Essentials: 5. Clarity
Your customers have to understand what your point is. Keep your message simple and clear. If you do a lot of writing on your site, be direct and to the point.

Use one-word menus, alt text descriptions in your image tags or window.status Javascripts. Try not to use too many colors, and try not to use contrasting colors. Your visitors should have an idea of where to go and what to do as soon as the page has loaded.

Don't move your Web site's navigation all over the place. Keep menus in one place. Keep your links to the left, right or top of your page, and content in the middle.

Leave plenty of white space. Crowding images and text together will give your site a noisy, confusing feel. White space directs the eye where it needs to go

Design Essentials: 6. Content
Content is the backbone of your Web site. When writing your content, reflect on the planning stage and specifically, your mission statement. Every bit of content should relate to the mission statement. If your mission statement is to make people laugh, then anything that isn't funny should be left out. If your mission statement is to inform people about whales, then you shouldn't talk about browser updates.

Don't create filler content. Plan your content as you planned your site. Use short declarative sentences, bulleted lists and descriptive subheadings so that your content is scan-able.

Don't steal content from other Web sites. Do your own research and share your own opinions.

Keep the content going. Update your site and your content regularly. Don't put something up and leave it there for years.

Design Essentials: 7. Service
A common misconception about Web development and Web marketing is that customer service is not a requirement. But putting your business online means that you're creating another channel of contact with your customers--they're going to expect replies to their e-mails.

Listen to your visitors for the same reason you would seek external advice on personal issues, or edits to your writing. It's hard to be objective about something you've created.

It's a good idea to insert an e-mail contact link somewhere highly visible on the homepage. Encourage users to leave a comment about the site. Sure, you'll get more e-mail than usual, but this is direct feedback from your customers. Use it constructively to improve your Web site's ease of use and clarity. Plus, you might even receive a positive comment every now and then

Design Essentials: 8. Administration
Have you ever run across a site that hasn't been updated in the past year or more? Did that company or organization seem more or less professional to you?

Update your site. Make sure all your content is fresh. You may think that you have a wealth of material and that it could take the average visitor months to finish it, but not everybody will be interested to read it all. If someone visits your site, finds a good article and enjoys it, they will likely come back at some point to read more. But if nothing changes, your visitor isn't likely to come back again.

Once you stop staying on top of your site, so will your visitors. Sometimes there simply isn't time to make updates as often as you would like. Maybe set an update goal for yourself when you're planning, and stick to it. If you're launching a blog, there will be an expectation of regular updates, so you'll want to set reminders to ensure those updates happen. But if you're launching a simple online presence for your uncle's sleepy accounting practice, then you could probably go months without an update.

An honest understanding of a particular Web site's needs at the outset will help keep it from going stale too quickly.

Design Essentials: 9. Personality
Your Web site is simply part of your business, and it should reflect the way you do business. While thousands of words have been written outlining the rules of Web design, perhaps the most important one is for you to be yourself online.

If you tend to be conservative in the way you conduct your business, don't publish a Web site with loud colors and an informal tone simply because some tutorial said that's the way it should be. The tone will end up feeling awkward and forced. A Web site that engages, informs and entertains will benefit your business, but remember--you can accomplish those goals the same way you're comfortable doing them offline.

Bottom line--you don't need to change anything about your business' identity because you're putting it online.

Design Essentials: 10. Usefulness
In some ways, this tip might be the most important. Every Web site should fall under one of the following categories:

Informational: Serve as a resource for information about a trade, product or cause.
Service-oriented: Offer a service, sell a product or advertise a company.
Personal/entertainment: Keep visitors engaged via your articles, stories, blog or multimedia.

If your site doesn't fall into one of these three categories, you may want spend more time brainstorming and planning your site. Try to come up with a mission statement to keep your goal in focus. If you're going to publish a Web site, do it because you feel you have something of value to offer to your audience.

Until I come your way again next time stay bless, and remember "Its not working too hard but working very smart"



Hi There! You are welcome to my blog. In the last year we spent more time talking about internet, affiliate, the market and researching the market.

Lets kick off this year with something new.


Web Site Designing:
This is a topic every newbie will have to read and learn the technical know how. Most especially now that you have all the ideas of the internet, marketing and have made some research on the market. It is finally time to have a website runing.

An introduction to domain names, web servers, and website hosting;
I assume that you know nothing about the inner workings of the Internet; maybe you're not even sure how people actually get to web sites, where the web sites are actually sitting, what the web is in the first place....
In this article I am going to give you the minimum you need to get your 'feet wet' so that we can quickly get into building web sites. I won't go into painful micro-details that would put all but true nerds to sleep, again there is just enough so that you have a basic understanding of what's going on about the web site.

What is the web?
In a nutshell, the web is a whole bunch on interconnected computers talking to one another. The computers (on the web) are typically connected by phone lines, digital satellite signals, cables, and other types of data-transfer mechanisms. A 'data-transfer mechanism' is a nerd's way of saying: a way to move information from point A to point B to point C and so on.

The computers that make up the web can be connected all the time (24/7), or they can be connected only periodically. The computers that are connected all the time are typically called a 'server'.
Servers are computers just like the one you're using now to read this article, with one major difference, they have a special software installed called 'server' software.

What is the function of server software / programs?
Server software is created to 'serve' web pages and web sites. Basically, the server computer has a bunch of web sites loaded on it and it just waits for people (via web browsers) to request or ask for a particular page. When the browser requests a page the server sends it out

How does the web surfer find a web site?
The short answer is: by typing in the URL, or in other words, the web site address. So for example, if you wanted to find the web site http://www.killersites.com/, you would type in the address into your web browser's address bar or maybe use your 'favorites' or 'bookmarks' link to Killersites.
There are other ways to find web sites (like search engines,) but behind the scenes web sites are all being found by going to the web site's official address. That brings us our last nerd detail: how does a website get an official address so that the rest of the web can find it?

Registering your domain name
If you ever wondered what the heck registering a domain was all about ... you probably figured it out by now! But just in case - registering a domain name gets you an official address for your web site on the World Wide Web. With this 'official' address, the rest of the web can find you.
Like your home address is unique in the real world, there also can't be any duplicate addresses on the Internet, otherwise no one would know where to go! In other words, domain names are unique addresses on the web.

Why does registering a domain name cost money?
If you want to have your own unique address on the web, your own domain name, it will cost a few bucks for each year you want to 'own' the name. The cost of registering a domain name ranges from less than $10 USD to about $30 USD per year. You can register a domain from 1 to 10 years.
The reason for the cost is that the central 'address book' of all the world's domain names needs to be updated - somebody's got to pay for that! You may have noticed that I just snuck in a little extra piece of information: the giant 'web address book' of domains.
That leads us to our last bit of nerd information: when you type in a website's domain name or click on a link that takes you to that domain name, your browser starts asking servers where that particular domain name is sitting (on the web) and the servers are then able to tell the browser where to go by referring to the giant address book I mentioned above.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Locating Profitable Markets...

Locate A Profitable Market To Start

You should never go on guessing or the advice of someone else in order to determine if a market will be profitable.
Jumping into a new market blind is the worst mistake you can make for your business. Many aspiring online marketers and or webmasters fail because they jump into a new market based on their own reasoning. They also fail because they follow bad advice.

Locating profitable markets is easy to do because they are so abundant. There are literally millions of profitable niche markets to get involved in. 90% of those profitable markets are easy to dominate within a few weeks.
While it is easy to dominate (own a major share of traffic) most online markets, it is not so easy to determine the projected profitability of one market over another, unless you have some specialized knowledge.

The goal of this report is to give you that specialized knowledge so that you can begin exploring and finding your next online venture. If you already have an online business then this will be a good way for you to explore new markets for the purpose of building your business.
In order to locate a profitable market you need to:

*Locate sources of market ideas & uncover markets that have more action (competitors).
*Determine which keywords have the highest PPC (Pay Per Click) cost within the vertical market.
*Determine the estimated organic traffic that each of those keywords receive.
*Multiply the PPC cost by the total traffic to get the estimated "wealth" of the market.

Now I will break each one of the points above down and show you why they matter.

Locate Sources of Market Ideas & Uncover Action Markets...
Market research is the difference between making pennies or making a fortune. If you are a beginner or are just looking to expand into new markets then you first have to seek a source of inspiration.
If you already have some ideas in your mind then you are one step ahead of this one. This is the first step if you have "no idea" where to start.
Use the following websites to find ideas for markets to explore:

The Yahoo Directory
Google Checkout
PayPal Stores

You can visit any of the websites above and comb through their directories to find a market that looks interesting to you. Interest is all you need to move into the next step.

The websites above have years of experience that tell them what is most interesting to their visitors and how to categorize those interests into large groups & then break those groups down into niches or sub-markets.

Looking at the Yahoo Directory (for example) you can dig into any category and can quickly discover which sub-category has more listings. Each listing has the number of listing within the sub-category listed next to it.

e.g: When you search the yahoo directory for the word "antique and collectibles"
The number of listing will always apear by its side.

Antique and collectibles: (3517)

And when you click again the Sub-category is listed next to it also.

Sub-categories with more listings are an indicator of wealth. In other words the more listings there are, the more money there is to support those listings.
This leads us into a vital piece of information.
"The more listings there are in a sub-category, the more money there is in that market."

This is especially true in the Yahoo Directory because each listing is paying $299 per year (at the time of this writing) for a listing there.

The theory holds that if there were not already an element of success then a business would not consider paying this fee.
While this is not true some of the time, the majority of the time it is. In essence the Yahoo directory is one indicator that you could use to find a sub-market or niche to explore further.
Used with other indicators you can quickly hone in on a market that has "action". Action is what you want but not just any action... You also need sales.

How can you determine if there is money in a market?

In order to see if there is money in a market you need to see how much is being paid on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis on a broad snapshot of keywords in the market.

The more that is being paid by advertisers on a PPC basis, the wealthier the market is. What makes a market wealthy?

That's right, it is proven that the more that is being spent on advertising in a market, the more money that market is making from customers.

There are thousands and thousands of wealthy markets and niches online. Use the websites above to find them and then use tools to uncover 100 of the most popular keywords in the market you are exploring.

Wealthy markets are abundant. Now it is a simple matter of determining which market to focus on. Looking at PPC prices being paid across the most popular 100 keywords in a market is the first step in determining its wealth.

The next step is...
Determine how much traffic each keyword gets organically. Organic is another word for natural or free search engine listings. How much traffic does each of those 100 keywords get?
Once you get these numbers then for each keyword you multiply the estimated organic clicks per day by the estimated PPC cost that is paid for each keyword (on average). This will give you you an accurate ballpark figure to determine the wealth of one market over another.

How to calculate the wealth of a market...

In this report I will reveal ways that you can estimate the profitability (wealth) of any market, sub-market, niche (or whatever you want to call it). In other words I am going to show you how to find profitable markets to explore. Many newcomers and experts go on their "feelings" about how one market may perform over another... This is insane!

You may have an idea for a product or service or you may have a product or service to promote. Maybe you are trying to decide what product or service to promote as an affiliate. Maybe you already have a strong presence online and you are seeking the next "big thing".
Whatever the case may be you should always take pause and give your "thinking" mind a rest and allow tools to do the thinking for you. Online business is quickly lost by thinking too much.

Whatever the case may be you should always take pause and give your "thinking" mind a rest and allow tools to do the thinking for you.

Don't think... Research... Allow the Internet to reveal the answers you are seeking.
The first step before estimating the wealth of a market is to know what market you will explore.

Then you can use some free tools to get a wide ballpark estimation of the wealth of that market as opposed to another market.

When I say "market" I am referring to a broad general use of the term that includes other popular terms such as (niche, sub-market, theme, etc.).
Once you have a market in mind here is one of the most effective free ways to determine its wealth:

STEP 1: Get the Google Adwords Keyword Tool
Set up a free Google Adwords account (interactive tutorial) even if you don't need it yet but to get access to their keyword tool.

STEP 2: Swipe keywords & analyze their value
Use the Adwords Keyword tool to swipe keywords by following these steps:

a) Enter the broadest keywords for the market you are exploring.
b)Make sure the "Use Synonyms" box is checked
c) Click "Get Keyword Ideas"
d) For "Choose columns to display", choose "Show estimated avg. CPC"
e) In the "Calculate Estimates using Max CPC" box enter 100. This will set the max CPC you want to see to $100 or less. This will ensure that all CPC estimates are shown.
f) Click the "Recalculate" button
g) Click the column header "Avg Search Volume". This will sort by search volume. The highest will be at the top.

It has been proven over and over again that the higher the CPC value for a keyword the more money that customers are spending in that market. Each keyword (or phrase) within a market represents a niche within the overall market. Keep these vital fact in mind as we continue to the video:

STEP 3: Choose 3 or 4 keywords (phrases) to examine using Google trends to see which one has more momentum.

a) Go to http://www.google.com/trends
b) Input your top 3 or 4 keywords (phrases) separated by a comma.
c) The graph will show you which market has more momentum.

After using these simple tools it won't take you long to see that there are literally millions of profitable segments (keywords) within every major market online.
The big question is which market will you focus on. In today's web 2.0 age you will have to become devoted to whatever decision you make so you need to ensure that you have at least a mild interest or passion about the market you choose or you will get bored to tears and ultimately fail.

There are many other tools you can get to use in other to determin the market value.

There is a great abundance of wealthy markets, sub-markets (niches) online. In this report I have given you some easy ways to locate these markets and determine which ones are more wealthy than others.

I always inform my readers that "wealth" should not be the only factor that you use to make a choice of what to go after. You should also consider your INTEREST in that market.
If you have no interest in a market other than the prospect of tapping its wealth then you are headed for trouble.
It is extremely hard to dominate a market that you find boring. If you are bored you won't do well because you will try to cut corners. When you cut corners it shines through to your visitors. Your visitors will always seek authority. If you are bored then your visitors will quickly find somewhere else to go. This is a fact.

Seek a market based on Interest and then the wealth start coming. The more interested you are, the more ideas you will have and the better content you will produce. You will engage your visitors and they will buy from you.

Seek your passions...
Many beginners struggle to find a place to start. While the tools and methods outlined in this report are a great way to find wealthy markets you still need to figure out what interests you.

I will give you some tips on how to discover your passion next time.

To your success.

Good bye for now.